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Full or Chamber profile?

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Main factor, that affects the quality of WPC profile, is the solution of used material. The higher is the percentage of wooden part, the weaker is the ability to resist weather effects and therefore shorter lifespan of the material.  The same goes with the type of used plastic. Most resistant plastic is PVC, which is used as the main material, when producing plastic-framed windows.  

Advantages and disadvantages of individual types of WPC terrace profiles Perwood are enlisted below:

Chamber profiles PERWOODKomorový profil Perwood

  • +price
  • +weight
  • +load capacity - max. 650 kg
  • +resistance to fire
  • +possibility to change individual boards
  • -risk of mechanical damage by impact of heavy sharp objects


Full profiles PERWOODPlný profil Perwood

  • +great durability
  • +high load capacity
  • -weight
  • -higher price due to double input material

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