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Building material,  
  which connects the best abillities of wood and PVC

Terrace from wood or woodplastic Perwood?

4.2.2015 Do You consider choosing wooden or composite material for Your terrace? Look at the same photos of wooden terrace before and after a Perwood terrace system replaced it. You may notice the unpleasant colour change and degradation of the wood. Our client then chose the chamber profile of the colour "Light Oak" as a replacement.


PERWOOD is a new building material that combines the best properties of wood and PVC - the natural appearance is a guarantee of high aesthetics as well as PVC  that achieves high durability with minimal maintenance. It is ideal for exterior of the house - on the terraces, gardens, pools, balcony etc. PERWOOD material is highly resistant to water and humidity, parasites, rot,  sunshine and weather conditions. Its installation is in compliance with the recommended procedure quick and simple.

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