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Trade conditions

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1. Enclosure of trade agreement 
2. Treaty subject
3. Place of fulfilment
4. Products order, treaty closure
5. Price and payment 
6. Delivery time
7. Deliver conditions and price
8. Guaranteed warranty, quality
9. Returning the material

1. Enclosure of trade agreement

a) Buyer by confirming demand (by phone or e-mail) accepts Trade conditions for material delivery proclaimend by Producer. Relation between the buyer and seller follows trade conditions, which are binding for both sides, if not stated otherwise in the treaty. Conditions closely delimit and specifies the laws and obligations of the seller/producer (company TerrainEco, s.r.o.) and its customers (buyers) and in its current and actual state they are the main issue of trade agreement (about product delivery), they are inseparable part of the contract.

b) If there is no written long-term trade contract, the producer will deliver material based on customers demands  and specifications ( offer that was delivered by e-mail ).


2. Treaty subject

The treaty subjects are only items explicitly stated in trade agreement - offer (lately only as product). Weight, capacity, prices, performance and dimensions and other infromation contained in webpages of TerrainEco, s.r.o., catalogues, prospects and other text are not binding informations, unless they were stated as binding in the trade agreement. 

TerrainEco, s. r.o. (lately only as seller) is bound to deliver its customers the following:

- product in conformity with specification or with abilities ussual for specified type of product 

- acomplished  requirements for norms and regulations valid in Czech Republic

- equipped with montage manual in Czech languange

3. Place of fulfilment

Place of fulfilment is a specified adress stated as buyer or a store of the seller.  When personally offtaking products by other person than the buyer,  that person will be required to proof his power of attorney, made out for name and a valid ID of the authorized person.

 4. Products order, treaty closure

a) Validity condition of e-shop order is fulfilment of all by form predescribed information. Offer is a prospect of trade agreement. To enclose trade agreement it is not required to authorize formally by the seller/producer, treaty then begins to exist by delivery of the material itself. Seller/producer can in individual, mostly in more costly examples, reserve treaty existion when the demand is confirmed.

b) Seller/ producer in dependancy on trade character ( count of products, height of prices, delivery costs, distance etc...) can always demand offer confirmation from buyer in appropriate way, for example by phone, post or e-mail. If the buyer refuses to confirm the offer in required way, the offer is considered declined. 

c) If  both sides have already enclosed long-term trade agreement, the electronic order closely specifies the trade agreement and it is its inseparable part. 

d) Permanent customers, with who we have enclosed a trade agreement, receive benefits negotiated when signing the treaty or more precisely one-sidedly offered by the producer/seller after the treaty enclosure on his website. 

5. Price and payment

Offered prices stated on the TerrainEco website are valid in the moment of offer acceptance. Prices stated in printed price lists are valid until the publication of a new one. Seller/producer reserves the rights of printed mistakes and price changes in the example of the currency course, greater rise of inglation or when essential changes of supply conditions from producers and other material suppliers are about to take place. Purchase price will be considered as payed only when the whole price of  individual delivery is counted on common account of the seller/producer or is payed in cash at the sellers cash register. In a case of not fulfilment of any payment duration, the buyer is obligated to pay the buyer a treaty fee in a price of 0,1% of the total unpayed price for every beginned next day of delay. Seller/producer reserves owner rights of the product until the fulfilment of the whole payment. Made out invoice based on the trade agreement between the buyer and the producer / seller is also considered as taxation document. Delivery from buyer is basically available only after the payment fulfilled, if not negotiated otherwise. 

6. Delivery time

Time of delivery begins from the day when the obligatory demand with all its consequent documentation was received. If seller/producer already has the demanded product on stock, he is obligated to deliver the negotiated goods to the delivery service in max. 5 work days. If the material is produced in customers own lenghts, delivery time is stated in the sellers offer. Delivery time will be, by the sourrounding conditions, delayed if it will be the case of interference from greater law power or conditions not, which existence we are not responsible for. Most of the goods are constantly on stock. Some producers sadly dont report delays of producing or delivery. If it is a important order, the buyer can ask the seller for written offer confirmation. If demanded material is not on stock or the seller/producer is not able to deliver the order in 5 days to the delivery service company (mostly PPL), he will report a presupposed date of delivery or will offer a comparable product instead, in that case he will ask for the buyers permission. Delivery time is considered as in-time delivered, if the delivery is ready in place of fulfilment for handover to the buyer to the last day of negotiated delivery time. If the seller/producer is not able to deliver the order in 30 calendary days to the buyer ( deliver to the first delivery service company), he is obligated to return all finances spent by the buyer because of this actual order to his account mentioned in trade agreement, if not stated otherwise.


7. Delivery conditions and prices

Price of the deliver is according to the weight and distance of the delivery  (without VAT)*
weight/distance 100 km 200 km 400 km 600 km
less than 100 kg 500 Kč 750 Kč 950 Kč 1 050 Kč
less than 500 kg 1 650 Kč 2 150 Kč 2 750 Kč 3 250 Kč
less than 1000 kg 2 450 Kč 3 250 Kč 4 350 Kč 5 150 Kč
less than 3000 kg 3 950 Kč 5 850 Kč 8 450 Kč 9 850 Kč
*one square meter of completed terrace weights about 20 kg        

List of possible payment variants and prices:

Cash on delivery 99.00 Kč 
Bank account transfer before receiving the delivery  0.00 Kč
Cash on personal withdrawal 0.00 Kč

Personal withdrawal of the goods is available in between 7:00 Am. and 14:30 Pm. in the seed of TerrainEco, s.r.o.  at K prádlu 4, Horní Suchá, Czech Republic.

Delivery time is 5 work days from the handover to the delivery service company. Buyer is obligated to take the delivery from the delivery system company, check the potentional damage on the delivery and in any cases of malfunction or damage of the delivery, immediately report them to the delivery service company. Invoice included as taxation documment is then included in marked parcel.

8. Guaranteed warranty, quality

If its not stated otherwise between the seller/producer and the buyer, for application of the rights from invalid fulfilment of trade agreement goes the regulation law No. 89/2012 Sb., civil code. Rights from invalid fulfilment can buyer apply in the duration of four months after receiving the delivery, if not stated otherwise.

Rights from invalid fulfilment are applied at sellers/producers store adress.

TerrainEco, s.r.o., K prádlu 4, Horní Suchá.

Buyer is obligated to contact seller/ producer at least 24 hours in before on following number: +420 777 477 393 or e-mail adress: poptavka@perwood.cz .

For application of Invalid fulfilment laws we need You to, please,  include:

  • warranty card from the producer, if it was delivered along with order
  • copy of taxation documment
  • exact description of mistakes, damage and their symptoms

About the rights of damaged products will the producer/seller decide in max. 3 work days. If the rights consequent from damaged goods is confirmed as valid, the seller/producer must, on his expenses, deliver the netgotiated goods to the buyer. Rights of damaged products  applies included the delivery of the undamaged goods in maximum 30 calendary days since the rights consequent from damaged goods have been validated, if not negotiated otherwise.

The buyer has the right to back out of the contract in cases stated by law. The abdication applies in the day of acceptation of goods by the seller. The seller/producer has the right to not accept the goods from the buyer in the case of not fulfilment of any of the contract withdrawal conditions stated by the law or the Trade conditions of the seller/producer.

In the case of withdrawal from contract, the contract itself is declared canceled and both sides have to return all expenses, which were spent on the contract principal.

  In the case of sending damaged products to the buyer is as for a day of receiving considered the day of receiving the last part of the whole delivery from the seller. Day of application of the rights consequent from sending damaged products is the day, when the delivery was announced as ready for expedition.

Buyer is required to prepare the delivery in a way, so that it would not be exposed to any kind of damage.

9. Returning the material

In compliance with regulation § 1829  law No.89/2012 Sb., the Buyer has the right to back out of the contract in 14 days since retrieval of the product. This right is conditioned by enclosing the Trade agreement whilst not in areas of companys trade or when doing so electronically or by phone. The Buyer can apply this right by returning the material personaly or by delivery company on his own expenses to the seed of the Producer/seller. In a case, that Buyer would decide for withdrawal from the trade agreement, it is required  to acomplish the following conditions:

• goods must be without damage

• with all equipment (joining material, manuals)

• with the document of purchase

If you need to speed-up the solution of your problem and returning of money (delivery expenses are not a matter of contract) we recommend you to call us on tel.:, +420 775 085 415 or on e-mail: info@perwood.cz with folowing content: " I withdraw from the Trade agreement enclosed by the offer (number of the offer), from the day (date) on the product /s (state your products). The returned ammount for returned goods please send on account ( account number)"

The Buyer  cant withdraw from the contract in the case, that the delivery was modified by the Buyers demands or for his client

Valid since: 1. 5. 2014

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