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Qualities of the WPC material

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Dear customers,

most of the producers and companies will provide you with different information regarding the quality of WPC, why is their material the best and how is their competiton wrong. Essentialy it is about announcements of the type " how to choose the right WPC", " facts and myths about WPC" or for example "The only terrace system with natural looks". But what is from these not really objective articles obvious is, that they always have something to say about how their product is the best and they always can find only the worst on the competitors product.

We have decided to choose another way, way of understanding between the client, producer and the system and material itself. We would like to try to explain this matter to You. Then on the basis of what you have knowledge of, You can decide what really is "myth and fact about WPC material".

Every composite material is a certain compromise between the natural looks (thanks to the wooden powder/sawdust part) and durability of the material (thanks to the plastic compound). The more sawdust, the better natural look for the price of durability and the other way around. Mostly are the wood and plastic part ratios between 50-70% for wood and 30-50% for plastic. Ratio of the input material also have big effect on the investment price, because quality plastic costs two times more than wood. 

There is big choice of the WPC materials. They differ in content, quality and quantity of individual  compounds. The essential parts are plastic and wood, those parts actually create around 95% of the composite, the remaining 5% is consisted of ten additives. They improve quality of the material by enhacing its resistance to weather effects (UV rays, humidity),  its durability, flexibility and strength so that the woodplastic would get the best possible qualities.

The wooden part is mostly represented by sawdust or powder from soft or hardwood or is replaced by cheaper and worse alternative, which is the bamboo or rice powder.

As for a plastic part, it is mostly represented by PVC, PP, PE, HDPE. PVC counts between the more durable plastics (plastic windows are made of the same material), profiles with PVC are along with HDPE group of plastics are much more durable, but also more expensive. Profiles with PP or PE have better flexibility, and lower costs, but for WPC material the usage of PVC is ideal. There is also the possibility of producing WPC from cheap recycled plastics instead of PVC, but not without a massive impact on quality, durability and endurance of the final product. 

Material and its solution essential for the final product quality is in a granulate or powder form processed in extruder and then extruded through a special form to the specific shape (board, batten, prism) The final product has the shape of the used tool and it is 100% composite. the Alternative is coextrusion, where the core of the material is extruded individualy while being covered in a HDPE coating, this product is not 100% composite.  

The final product - WPC board, prism or batten can be full or have chambers inside. Chamber profiles have more favourable price ( almost 50% less material), lesser weight, full profiles instead are more resistant to mechanical damage – does not count all the time, essential for the WPC quality is the solution of the composite.

Surface  of the profiles is then smooth and grooved, modified  by grinding, brushing or by embossing ( printing wood structure into the surface). This choice is not important in the matter of functionality, it is more about design.

These simplified basic parameters are making difference in individual offers of WPC material. 

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