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Perwood Benefits

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1. What should, I as a client, consider while choosing the right material for my terrace. 

Terrace is a natural crossing between the house and the garden. We spent a lot of time on it, it is a place, where we relax, read, where we can set up a grill and invite a company, where the children play. It is exposed to extreme conditions - sunlight, water, frostbite and high temperatures. Thats why it should be not only beautifull on look, but also it should endure something. One of the materials, which acomplishes these conditions is so called composite material WPC - Wood Polymer Composites... and this material combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. It is incredibly durable and resistant against weather conditions.

2. What are the disadvantages and advantages when combining wood and PVC?

It is a simple compromise. Wood gives the material natural looks , plastic (PVC) secures the strength, durability and permanent colour shade. When applying bigger concentrations you can achieve either more natural looks or higher durability. That is why, after long tests based on the experience from the USA, where they have invented this type of material. For our WPC boards, we have chosen the most effective compromise, which is 50% of wood and PVC.

3. What terrace surface would you recommend in case of poolside terrace, by the home and for the movement of children? 

Single-handedly i can recommend WPC material, which is very comfortable on touch, flexible and you cant ever get a splinter.


4. How to choose the right flooring from WPC?

I recommend to find out the producer and solution of the material. Composite material should consist of sawdust or wooden powder and quality plastic, ideal is PVC. Some foreign producers are saving money when replacing wooden powder with rice or bamboo powder and by replacing quality PVC with recycled material. Anyway it is not worth to save money of a quality of the product. Everyone wishes, that his investment would last for the longest time possible. Your supplier or producer of this material should have his product certified by authorized Czech testing room and should provide you with long term warranty. 

5. On which surface should the terrace be realized? 

Preparation of the surface for WPC terraces is essential, every producer or supplier should provide correct surface advisory or modifications  and montage manual for his system. Ideal surface for all is with certainty concrete surface with a mild momentum of 3 to 5 mm, so that the water could perfectly flow from the surface. If we prepare this surface correctly, then the montage itself is simple and quick, manageable by every moderately experienced handyman.

6.  How should the terrace be correctly maintained, so that the quality and colour shade would remain

WPC is a material, that does not require any maintenance except common cleaning  u kterého nemáte žádné starosti s jeho údržbou – nenatírá se žádnými laky či oleji. Čistý se udržuje pouze tlakovou vodou, použití běžného neagresivního saponátu je také možné.

Pokud jde o stálobarevnost, tak i u WPC prkna samozřejmě dochází k působení venkovních vlivů na dřevěnou složku materiálu (UV záření, změny teplot, vlhkost vzduchu, déšť, sníh, mráz) a tím k nevýrazné změně odstínu dané barvy. Tento proces nazýváme „vyzráváním barvy“, které se projeví po 2 – 3 týdnech od instalace lehkým odlišným odstínem, který bude postupně mizet a barva se ustálí po 6 měsících. To je jednou z největších předností WPC oproti dřevěným podlahám.

Ing. David Hecl, jednatel


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