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1. What should i consider when choosing the right material for terrace?

Terrace creates natural crossing between  the house and the garden. We spend a lot of time on it, it is a place where we rest, relax, read, where we can set up a grill and invite some company, where the children play. It is exposed to extreme conditions – sunlight, water, frostbite and high temperatures. That is why it should be not only beautiful, but also it should endure something. One of the materials, which acomplishes those requirements is modern material WPC – Wood Polymer Composites Perwood) this material combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. It is incredibly durable and resistant to the changes of weather and also looks great.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of combining wood and PVC? 

It is a simple, but effective compromise. Wood gives the material a natural looks, while plastic (PVC) provides strength, durability and permanent colour shade. With bigger wooden part percentage is natural look more authentic and with bigger PVC content the durability rises. Because of that, after long tests and experience from the USA, where the material was invented, we have chosen percentage 50 % of wooden powder and 50% of PVC as the best compromise for our WPC boards.

3. What surface would you recommend in the case of a poolside terrace, by the house and for the movement of children? 

I certainly would recommend WPC Perwood material, which is comfortable on touch and you can never get a splinter. 

4.  How to choose the right flooring from WPC? 

I recommend to find out who is the producer and what is the solution of his material. Composite material should always contain wooden powder/sawdust and quality plastic, ideally PVC. Howewer, some producers make their product much cheaper by using bamboo or rice dust and recycled plastic, therefore reducing the quality and that is really not worth it. Everyones wish is, so their investment would last for as long as possible. Your supplier of this material should have his product certified by authorized testing room and provide a long-term warranty. 

5. Which surface is ideal for the terrace system?

Preparation of the surface for WPC terraces is essential, every producer should recommend the right composition of surface underneath their system and a manual. We recommend, that ideal surface is without doubt  concrete surface with a mild momentum of 3 - 5mm per square metre, so that the water could perfectly flow off the board decking. If we prepare the surface correctly, the montage of Perwood terrace system is simple and quick, manageable by any moderately experienced handyman. 

6. How to properly maintain the terrace, so that its quality and colour shade would remain? 

WPC Perwood material does not require any kind of maintenance or impregnation. The customer then takes care of only common cleaning with water or pressure air cleaning and possibly with the use of non-aggresive detergent. As for the matter of permanent colour shade, then according to the WPC material and its wooden part we can always expect some reactions to the weather ( UV rays, humidity, frostbite etc.. ) and therefore some minor colour changes, but they are so little, the human eye can barely notice it.
Darker colour shades tend to get even a bit darker, which is unexpected and better result than our rival companies had.  The process is called " colour growth" and can be seen after two or three weeks after installation and  after 6 months the colour stabilizes and  stays as it is. 
That is one of the biggest advantages of the WPC Perwood.  

Mr. Ondřej Melichar, sales manager


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