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Benefits of the PERWOOD System

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Proper woodplastic with the content of PVC and consists of max. 50% wood.

Guaranteed durability, stability and long lifespan - fire resistant, cant soften and does not oxidize. 

PERWOOD is a new construction material, which connects the best qualities of wood and PVC – natural design is a warranty of a high aesthetics  while the content of PVC enhaces durability and minimal maintenance  requirements.
Its use is ideal in all house exteriers - terrace, garden, by the pool etc. PERWOOD is a material highly durable against water, parasites and sunlight. Montage of this system, if following the manual correctly, is simple and quick.

Individual materials in catalogues of various  producers and suppliers of WPC is different in percentage of used wood or plastic part of the composite, mostly in the type of the plastic.
Which is mainly represented by these types  - HDPE, PP and PVC. Years of experience have proven, that the best qualities od a WPC material is represented byt the content of PVC (same material is used, when producing plastic-framed windows), which is highly durable, has the highest density and flexibility along with non-flammability. Woodplastic that consists of 50% of wood and 50% of PVC has the highest strength and durability.

  • 1solution of the material validated by certificate (wood 50% and PVC 50%)
  • 2possibility to deliver material right from a Czech producer
  • 3producing boards in lengths designed by the customer
  • 4choice from several colour shades, designs and surface modifications
  • 5acomplishes the tests of fire reactions class B - non - flammable
  • 6quality guaranteed by the certificate
  • 7the price

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